World Environment Day - 05. Juni 2010

  • Tomorrow is the 5th of June, not a special day for anybody - but a special one for the nature. The 5th of June is the World Environment Day, in german "Weltumwelttag".

    The World Environment Day is celebrated every year on the same day. 1972 was the first time, it was set by the Environment meeting in Stockholm.




    In Germany it is celebrated since 1976.

    Some cities organised some meetings, demonstrations etc. Try to take part in one of them

    Everybody can change the world, at least try to use the bicycle instead of the car. Use candles (please not from the rainforest) instead of light, switch the tv off. There are so many points, EVERYBODY can mind - at least for on day ! :)

    Cheers, Gerrit


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  • franzi94
    franzi94 You wrote to use candles, but none from the rainforest. Candles aren\'t made of wood?!
    6. Juni 2010