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  •  Everything what we do has a reason. Everything has a background. I just want to tell you something about how I decided to become a vegan and to try my best to protect our nature. When I was 3 years old my father died, so I early was forced to deal with the dead. Because of that I'm kind of a sensitive person. I never wanted to hurt animals with intent and when my brother decided in an age of  6 years (!) to become a vegetarian of course I wanted to eat no meat anymore, too. This had to reasons: At first my brother was always kind of an archetype to me and second I agreed with his opinion that we have to protect the animals. We were very glad to have an as liberal mother as we have because although she has never been a vegetarian she supported us whenever she could! After a few years I wanted to brief myself about the advantages of my "lifestyle" and to hear that what I'm doing is very good for our environment was like music in my little ears! I decided to make a point and to try my best to protect our earth furthermore because websites I've been visited told me about the consequences of a not-earth-friendly lifestyle. Now I'm 15 years old, vegan and I'm still trying to give the best I can to save our earth. 

    I think it would be very interesting if many people would share with us how they try to save our planet and which motives they had or have! Who's first? :) 

    By the way, I'm sorry for my bad english! ;)


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  • thewho
    thewho thank you ;)
    1. Juni 2010
  • LaLoba
    LaLoba Ich finde es super, dass es Menschen wie dich gibt, die wirkliche aus Überzeugung vegetarisch oder vegan leben! Ich selbst bin keins von beidem, weil ich einfach zu gerne Fleisch esse. Allerdings versuche ich, das ganze in einem gesunden Maßstab zu halten...  mehr
    3. Juni 2010
  • thewho
    thewho Danke ;)
    Ich denke auch, dass man auch schon etwas damit erreichen kann, wenn man Fastfood- Läden meidet& auf zu viel Fleisch verzichtet!
    3. Juni 2010