Ten Ways to be a Green Consumer

  • Hello, my name is Rima, and I am Lena's partner in Forest Friend Competition. For the first blog entry, I want to share some tips to be a green consumer. You can see our social network and be our fans at

    When it comes to evaluating and choosing green products—those that caused minimal impact on the environment—here are ten basic guidelines you should consider:

    * Look for products packaged in readily recyclable materials such as cardboard, aluminum, or glass.
    * Don’t buy products that are excessively packaged or wrapped.
    * Look for products in reusable containers or for which concentrated refills may be purchased.
    * Look for products made from the highest content possible of recycled paper, aluminum, glass, plastic, and other materials.
    * Choose simple products containing the least amount of bleaches, dyes, and fragrances.
    * Look beyond the products to the companies that make them. Support those with good environmental records.
    * Don’t confuse “green” with “healthy.” Not everything packaged in recyclable packaging is necessarily good for you or the environment.
    * Remember that there are few perfectly green products.
    * Keep in mind that doing something is better than doing nothing. Every purchase you make counts.
    * It doesn’t matter much whether you carry your purchases home in a paper or plastic bag. What’s important is that you reuse or recycle whatever bag you get.

    We can make the Earth greener, just by shopping in the right way. Hope you can do that, too! Cheers! :)


4 Kommentare
  • thewho
    thewho But that won\'t happen, I think.. :/
    31. Mai 2010
  • rima
    rima @urmel88: I agree

    @thewho: It depends on how strong our willness to change. Nothing\'s impossible in this world except eat our own head :D.
    1. Juni 2010
  • KatevomDorf
    KatevomDorf unfotunately is it so as thewho wrote....
    but i hope also that we one day could make it real.
    incidentally: i do at least 5 points of our list every day while i go shoping...

    geen is the best color of the world (apart from blue like the sky or water)^^
    1. Juni 2010
  • rima
    rima @Kate13: I agree with you. It\'s good to know that you\'ve done 5 points above. I know it\'s very hard to be true, but I think we can do it!
    2. Juni 2010