1st weekly Environment Tip.

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    Allright, this is our first weekly tip for everybody to protect environment by just thinking more about you do in your own house.

    They are all very short and simple, so everybody can mind them.


    Chemistry in household

    Many people use household detergents. But they include chemistry which isn't good for the environment.

    For example when you want to clean your toilet - you use it. What do you use when you want to remove scale from your armatures? Yes, household detergents. 

    But there is another way of removing it. A few people now this tip already but might think that the smell is too bad. But that is the wrong attitude. You protect environment by using vinegar!

    Simply use vinegar cleaners and you help protecting the environment. :)


    Blessings, Gerrit



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  • midori
    midori Du immer mit Deiner Fanwerbung! *G* ;o)
    Aber interessanter Artikel! (:
    30. Mai 2010
  • Gerry
    Gerry Danke :)
    30. Mai 2010