United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change - Bonn

  • Have you ever heard about the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change? I guess you do, but a lot of people don't or don't know what it is for. 

    The german WWF members have probably already read the german version of this text, if not, read this one. :)

    The next United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change will be in Mexico. But before it takes place there, ministers from all over the world will come to Bonn, a big city about 100 kilometers away from Dortmund, to talk about what will happen to our earth.

    People from Europe will be there too, to demonstrate and tell the political forces what the population really wants - what the nature needs to surive!

    I will be there too. A lot of young people from WWF will be there - I hope. Each of us gets a big hand, a "woodhand" which we can hold high. We put our slogans on it to show everybody what we want. You can see some examples on the picture at the top (they are on german but I think you get what I mean).

    Not only members from the WWF will be there, people from Greenpeace and other organisations will participate in demonstrations too. They are meeting from 31.5. to 11.6. in Bonn but the most demonstration will take place at the weekend (4.6. - 6.6). The WWF youth meeting will be on 5.6.

    We all hope this event will be world changing, at least in Mexico. The last United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change was in Copenhagen in Denmark - everybody who loves nature was disappointed about the result. This time it will be better - it must be better.

    By the way, Indonesia is a member of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change too. :)


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    Picture of the crowd by WWF.

    Picture of a tree in Bonn by Dieter Schütz // PIXELIO.



6 Kommentare
  • Gerry
    Gerry Werde ich einfügen, danke Valeska :)
    29. Mai 2010
  • yangki
    yangki Gerry, did you join this Conference? that would be great for your future..
    29. Mai 2010
  • Gerry
    Gerry No, unfortunately not. We are just meeting there to demonstrate.
    Most of the people who joined this conference are the famous politicans, the ministers from the big countrys of the UN. :)
    29. Mai 2010
  • Maide
    Maide Ich dachte das dauert nur einen Tag. Ist das eine große und lange Demo, oder sind das eher Einzeldemos verteilt auf mehrere Tage?
    30. Mai 2010