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  •  Hey Mia ! :)

    I am living in another city - another country - another continent.  I want to explain to you, where I live.

    I am living in Dortmund, an about 585.000 people big city. It is located in North Rhine-Westphalia, which is in the western part of Germany close to the Netherlands, Belgium and France. It is also located in the Ruhr area, which is the largest urban agglomeration in Germany. 

    It is surrounded by several other huge cities, which doesnt sound really nice, especially for nature lovers. But it does have a lot of nice parts, such as the big rivers Rhine and Ruhr. It isn't as industrial as  a lot of people think. It is actually nice ! 

    Here is a lot of nature, you just have to know where. I love going for a walk in forrests, swim in lakes or something like that. :)

    This for example is a little castle, close to my house. 



    Next Article will come soon Mia ! :)


    // For the geman people: 

    Der Bericht ist für Forrest Friends, also nicht wundern, dass der kaum was mit Umweltschutz zun tun hat. Schaut doch mal bei unserem Blog vorbei ! :)


    Pictures: Wasserschloss Haus Dellwig 'PIXELIO  Thomas Max Müller



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  • Maide
    Maide You forgot to mention that the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia is DÜSSELDORF!!!!!
    (Just wanted to add ;D)
    30. Mai 2010
  • Gerry
    Gerry Alright, the capital is Düsseldorf. By the way, can you imagine in what city Maide lives? :)
    30. Mai 2010