Township Experience.

  • "Spending only one day at a school in an environment that is similar of where Fontein Combined School is located in is an experience for itself. You have to be spontaneous, enduring, be able to handle uncomfortable situations and most of all, you have to be passionate. Only one day will push you out of your comfort zones, you will have to deal with issues that you are not confronted with in daily life and you will see things that you won´t forget too soon. But after you went to bed after the first day you will realize that there is no better feeling such as knowing that you have achieved something, that you broadened your own horizon and that you made a difference to a child’s life, even if it was only by bringing a smile on its face. And if you get up on the next morning you will immediately know you will come back."

    After 6 months of preparation and foundraising I arrived with my team of 9 other Young Explorers in a township of Port Elizabeth, South Africa for the Pangeaa-Geberit School Project South Africa to educate them about hygiene and sanitation, waste management, built a food garden, support them physically and to give them as much love and mental support as possible. Within the three weeks we got a lot of work done, but also were confronted with the local problems.

    I thought I was prepared for this trip. I thought my teachers and media showed me the world. I thought we can really change the world. But I was wrong. I learned that you cannot help everyone. I was confronted the effects of governmental corruption. I had to realize that it needs many hands to make a difference.

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  • LSternus
    LSternus Das was ich verstanden habe klingt ja sehr interessant, aber hast du den Artikel noch mal auf deutsch?
    12. September 2012
  • Kobolt
    Kobolt A friend of mine has worked one year in the area of Johannesburg. He was shocked about the life conditions there, and helped everywhere he could. But as you already said: You can\'t help everyone, that is impossible, unfortunately :(
    14. September 2012