One Shirt, One Year, One Challenge!

  • The I Am Challenge is an International Youth run organisation with over 200 participants across all continents. Based on the simple idea that ‘I am who I am, and I can make a difference’, it challenges young people around the world to wear the same ‘I Am Name’ t-shirt for one whole year, to raise funds, awareness and volunteer for a cause they are passionate about.

    The purpose of the I Am Challenge is connect like minded youth from all different walks of life, together through one t-shirt, that is symbolic of the commitment they are making to their community and a cause for one year.

    What started as a dare between two young men wear the same t-shirt for a while year for chatty has transformed into an international youth charity with the ultimate goal being able to encourage the next generation to care for and live for a cause greater than themselves.


    I joined in the project one year ago and started the self-experiment. Very nervous and sceptic in the beginning through, but getting used to it with every passing day, I started liking the pros of it and changed my attitude. It took me almost a year to realize how false our today’s society is, people get judged by their cloths and to be honest, I never really cared a lot about my own things. T-shirts especially were exchangeable, but now I had to live with what I had, ten shirts in total for one year. Understandable that it got more difficult after I lost one shirt after only half a year. People should more often do self experiences, not necessarily extreme ones, but it sensibilizes you for serious topics and makes you understand how people who have no other opportunities and have to survive with for example little money may feel.

    Looking back I have many interesting and funny stories to share. It is quite an experience, swimming against the stream, but I didn’t meet one single person that was not amazed by the project idea. And well, you get used to peoples jokes and strangers asking you on the streets “are you really Rebecca?”
    It´s an incredible self-discovery process and I can only recommend everyone to try it yourself! (Don´t worry, the year passes faster than you think!)

    We are living the dream, we hope you will join us!

    More information at!


    Blog written by Dan Cullum (New Zealand) and Rebecca Berker (Germany)


8 Kommentare
  • Marielle
    Marielle @Babbuina: Naja, du hast ja nicht 10 T-Shirts in ein und der selben Farbe, sondern verschiedene. 
    @Rebecca: Ich find das echt klasse, dass du das durchgehalten hast und jedesmal, wenn ich dich gesehen hab und du davon erzählt hast, dachte ich mi...  mehr
    7. Februar 2012
  • YepBecci
    YepBecci @babbuina: danke für den netten kommentart!

    @marielle: freut mich von dir zu hören!
    1. das missachten von anderen Klamotten war garnicht mal so das Problem bei mir. Alte habe ich aussortiert und sonst hast du nur noch das Ziel vor Augen, damit ...  mehr
    11. Februar 2012
  • Marielle
    Marielle @Rebecca: Danke für die antworten. Ich werde im Moemnt immer motivierter das durchzuziehen, weil ich ab sommer 2013 für ein Jahr nach Australien und Neuseeland mit meiner Freundin möchte und ich dafür noch geld brauche :) und wenns Pul...  mehr
    17. Februar 2012
  • YepBecci
    YepBecci haha genau das ist die richtige einstellung, denn wenn man dazu angestichelt wird und mit jemandem wettet ist es einfacher, weil es dann auch noch gleich um stolz und ehre geht :)
    17. Februar 2012