Tiger in the airport

  •  Dear friends, last summer during my trip to participate in summer school on energy on environment in Amherst, MA, USA I had transit in Changi Airport, Singapore I met with a tiger.

    What? Tiger?

    "Yes, Tiger inside airport"

    How come?

    "I also think about it how come a tiger is inside an airport"

    Actually the tiger only a big standing poster inside a man made tropical forest in Terminal 3 Changi Airport.

    I took some pictures and I hope you enjoy it.

    Tiger in Tropical Forest



2 Kommentare
  • MarcelB
    MarcelB Nice idea, thank you for the impression of singapore airport :) i'll hope u enjoyed it too ;D
    10. Januar 2011
  • yangki
    yangki Thank you Marcel, Have you been to Changi before?
    18. Januar 2011