Tigerexperte Sergey antwortet auf eure Fragen

  • 1. Does the government really want to protect the tiger ? Do Putin and the upclass politicians really investigate enough money in tiger protection ?

    The Government of Russian Federation is not only one person,
    and they definitely have disputes and different opinions.
    I am sure that the Government has a desire to support tiger conservation.
    Moreover, in previous years until nowadays tiger is being preserved due to the government support, but from time to time in different scales and at a different rate of success.
    After the Soviets collapse, the serious issues aroused in tiger conservation financing.
    At present the situation has improved, I might say, that over the past two years the government concerned about the problem. But now, the financial support is still not enough, there is still a number of serious problems which needs considering: construction of a rehabilitation center, financing of the wildlife protection agency which is in charge of protection of ungulates and tiger, there is a serious problem with tiger habitat conservation, forests, tiger population monitoring is not financed. Besides, there are some legislation issues which are not solved yet. The most serious ones are in the part of legislation concerning hunting and game resources management and trafficking tiger parts within the country. We believe that after the Tiger Summit the Government of Russian Federation will be concerned with tiger protection issues and not only with tiger research.

    2. We told them that you met a tiger five times in your life. We told them about your first experience. They want to know your four other experiences with the tiger ? How did it happen ?

    Indeed, I saw a tiger in the wild 5 times, though I also saw many conflict tigers and tiger cubs which were captured after they approached villages, but this is another story. Besides, I used to hear the tiger even more frequently.
    First time I saw a tiger when i was 9 years old. My father, his friends and I, we were riding a car in the forest. The road was winding and passed along the mountain hills. At a distance I saw, as I thought at first, a man walking along the road with some strange long stick. Then, the car was going down the hill and the silhouette disappeared from my sight. And it turned out that I was the only person out of our group who saw this. I was telling to everybody that I might have seen a man and he could be the officer of the road police and that we should be careful. But I was told that there are no road police officers in here and this might have been an ordinary person. After we reached the top of the hill we saw a tiger walking along the road at a distance of 100 meters from us. He heard us, turned his face towards us and jumped to the forest. And the strange long stick turned to be his tail. Here are some memories from my childhood. I remembered this case very well, and this meeting left many positive emotions in my heart.
    The second time, it is already well known case of meeting a tigress with cubs during tiger monitoring (census).
    The third time, when the director of a hunting estate and I were inspecting the forage fields for ungulates. On the other side of the field I saw the tiger head appeared from the trees of the forest. We stopped the car. The distance to the tiger was about 200 meters. He looked attentively at us and this lasted about 10 minutes. It came to my mind that he might want to cross the field. I asked the director to move ahead to the end of the fields and then turn back and that's what we did. At this moment the tiger was proudly walking across the field and he looked so proud of himself. I recognized him, because I set camera traps in this area and took pictures of him. I gave him a name - a triangle, because the stripes on one of his legs were in the form of a triangle (it should be mentioned that the stripes are individual same as the fingerprints of a human). Well, he was walking at ease across the field, and we were approaching him. Only at a distance of 30 meters he speeded up and in two jumps covered the distance to the forest.
    The fourth time I saw a tiger during the census. He was quite far away about 300 meters far, I could tell he was a mature male but I could not view him quite well.
    At the fifth time the group of scientists and I were taking a helicopter flight in Terneisky district and were looking for the radio collared tigress. We found her easily and were observing her during 15 minutes from the helicopter at a distance of 100-150 meters. She did not like the helicopter and she was trying to hide away, but there were no any signs of aggression in her behavior. I must say it is a magnifying sight.



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  • Nivis
    Nivis Wirklich sehr interessant. Dasmuss so toll gewesen sein mit ihm plaudern zu können :)
    30. September 2010