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A try to describe the elegance of a giraffe

von LeLe
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I can hear the sounds of the wind, stirring the red sand up - barely audible sounds.
I can hear the sounds of all these beautiful colourful birds I’ve never seen before in Europe - amazing.
I can hear other unfamiliar, strange sounds - maybe a zebra, an antelope, a monkey?
And I can hear my heart, pounding so fast because I’m nervous, nervous in a positive way, excited - so unbelievable happy!

I’m sitting on a big pickup truck together with my host parents Charlotte and Jimmy and my host sister Charnette, somewhere in the South African bush near Polokwane, a big city in the North of the country. It‘s a mild day in June 2009. Here in South Africa it‘s winter, but for me it feels like summer. I’m starring to the sky coloured by shades from red to yellow. This beautiful sunset is the background for the most impressive nature experience that I’ve ever had in my life: In front of this colourful spectacle, two big giraffes take care of their small giraffe-child. Although they cannot hug each other as we humans do, I feel the love and affection that connects this small family. Slowly, they are walking through the bush land.
How to describe the elegance of a giraffe, walking slowly through the South African bush, the long neck wiping rhythmically?. It’s pure beauty. It’s nature.

The giraffes are less than 20 meters away from us. Together with my host sister I jump out of the car. Now, I’m standing on the red sand. I’ve got goose pimples. Just 1 metre 66 tall, I’m standing there and I’m feeling so small, so imperfect compared to these creatures in front of me. I’ll never forget this feeling.

The sun is nearly set, the giraffes are just black sculptures any longer. After a while, they are disappeared into the dark bush. I need some time to realise that this is my life, that I saw all this with my own eyes. I close my eyes and whish that I’ll never forget these pictures, these feelings and this magic atmosphere. And I whish that every human could experience something as beauty and impressive as this giraffe family, because I’m sure that such an experience will always be stronger and more powerful than greed for money and egoism.
Now I know even more than before, that I must take care of our planet. I’ve got an idea of what we can loose - what we will loose if just do nothing!



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rima hat geschrieben:
What a very nice experience, Lena. Hope I can see them, too :) 


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