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Be part of Forest Friends!

Two countries, 11.000 kilometers away from each other, and so different in many ways. But they have also a lot of things in common - in Germany as well as in Indonesia many young people care about the future of their environment. Indonesia's forests belong to the most biologically diverse habitats on Earth. They also keep the global climate balanced. WWF Germany's Youthprogramm "WWF Jugend" wants to inform as much people as possible about the importance of the world's forests.

Three German bloggers elected by the community and their three Indonesian letter friends together they were writing team blogs about all aspects of sustainibility, daily life, ecological policy, nature conservation and many more topics. Hanna and Yangki, Lena and Rima, Gerrit and Mia - they all are part of our forest campaign. For each fan, ten trees will be planted in Sumatra. Thanks to the support of more than 6000 users they organized a reforestation in Sumatra, where 63780 trees will be planted. Moreover, the team that ha mobilized the most fans, Rima and Lena, will visit each other.

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About Forest Friends - The Challenge

The Indonesian Island of Sumatra is the only place in the world where tigers, orang-utans, elephants, and rhinos occur together in one island. This island has diverse natural forest types; represents the high plant biodiversity of mountainous tropical rainforest, lowland, and peat swamp forest. Sumatra is also high in plant endemism and is estimated to contain the largest store of peat carbon in Southeast Asia under its peat forests.

Yet Sumatra has seen the highest rate of natural forest loss not only in Indonesia but also in the world, due to transmigration, pulp & paper and palm oil production, and other development. Between 1985 and 2007, the island lost 12 million hectares of natural forest, a 48% loss in 22 years. By 2007, the island had only 30% forest cover (around 13 million hectares).

And this loss has substantial consequences not only on the biodiversity of the island and its people but also on our climate: gigantic masses of CO2 are released into the atmosphere. Should the deforestation of those precious woods be kept up at this pace, in 2020 there will be no natural forests left. It is time to act now!

Learn more about the threats through deforestation and its consequences in our hot topic Indonesia.

But Indonesia is not the only place to suffer from deforestation and its consequences. The destruction of forests is a problem across the world: Every year a total of 13 Million hectars of forest are destroyed across the globe.

What do the "Forest Friends" do?

Together with the WWF youth program and young people from Indonesia, we want raise the awareness among young people on the protection of our climate and the rainforests. The task was taken on by six Forest Friends from Indonesia and Germany who has exchanged letters - naturally these were not "snail mail" letters, but so-called "teamblogs".

Forest Friends - The Challenge has started at the 25th May and has lasted till September.

The Forest Friend teams exchanged emails, videos, fotos and everything else they could think of relating to their everyday lives as well as the possibilities to protect the rainforests from their countries.

Of course every team needed to be as creative as possible in order to fulfil their second task: generating fans! Their blogs were read by youth community users, facebook users and people from all over the world. For each fan 10 trees will be planted in Tesso Nilo national park on Sumatra. This simply means - the more fans a team has, the more forests can be planted in the national park. The team with most fans will have the unique chance to travel to Tesso Nilo!



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