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KlimaWELLE Bonn 2010 (English Version)

von Gerry
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 "Klimawelle" is the german word for "Climatewave". On the fifth of June alot of organisations met in Bonn, where the Conference before the COP in Mexico took place, to demonstrate and show other people what we think.

At 7:30 in the morning I met Clara in the train in direction to our central railway station. From there, we traveled to Oberhausen to take the train to Dinslaken. In Dinslaken we met Maide and another WWF youth member.

From there we traveled to Bonn - our whole travel was about four hours long. The only thing we still knew was "Kaiserplatz" (Just a german name for the place we met). After a short period of time we found it - a nice spring fountain and hundrets of bicycles.





I called Janine who came with Laura to go with us together to the bureau where Tim was waiting for us with all the "wood" hands. He was waiting for us with a smile. Everybody took some woodhands - all in all 40.





We brought the woodhands back to the "Kaiserplatz", where more and more people met. We attached the flag at two woodsticks and anybody who wanted could put on WWF bodices.

The amount of people at the meeting point rised and rised - over 1500 people. WWF, Greenpeace and other organizations - everybody met in Bonn on the fifth of June to demonstrate.




The big puppets, which were at least twice as high as human, were wonderful. They walked in the front of the demonstration. But at least as wonderful was our Panda costume which Janine was wearing.






At half past one we started. We were about 20 people from the WWF youth. Everybody took two wood hands, two took the flag. We were in the middle of the demonstration. The atmosphere was amazing!

Everybody had to do the following things three times in the demonstration when the man with speaker told us to do: Sit down, wait, make a Laola (Do you know that in Indonesia?), wait, and run! Well, running seemed to be very hard because the weather was very hot.

After a short time the amount of people demonstrating with the WWF became twice as big as it was before. That was awesome!

On the whole way of the demonstration were changed advertisements on the wall.




When we finally arrived at the "Kaiserplatz" again, a few jumped into the water at the spring fountain, to cool down. It was really a hot day.

Then we separated. I traveled with Maide, Clara and the other WWF youth member to Cologne to eat an ice at the Rhine.

Finally we went home too - it was a really awesome day. :)

Cheers, Gerrit

Pictures by Gerrit Köchling



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