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I am a Sumatran Tiger, and I Need Your Help

von rima
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Hi, my name is Belang, and I'm a young Sumatran Tiger, among 500 others who lived in the world. In English, Belang means "stripes". I really like my pattern, it looks very cool to be mixed with rainforest color.

I didn't have a lot of friends and family, but I used to had them. Most of them were gone without a word to me. Humans have killed them. My mother said that humans are really like our pattern. They used our skin to be their suits.

The rest of my friends were died because of starvation. They were too young to be abandoned by their parents. Thus, they couldn't get their food by themselves. Sometimes it also happened to adult tiger. They can't find any prey to be caught. The prey are very rare, I don't know why.

Some of them also didn't have a home anymore. Human changed their home to be a settle, a rice field, or a factory. I don't know much about it. But as far as I know, it emits black smoke every day. Some times I feel my lungs not working very well when I breath within the smoke. I always avoid them by running to the other part in the forest. The worst part was the changing prosses. They cleared all the woods and timbers by using a very noisy machine. After that. they burnt our forest. I really afraid at the time. Fotunately, my mother always said to me that everything's gonna be okay. 

I can't imagine what would happened if my species are extinct. I have a dream to have my own family, and grow my children in this forest. But now I don't know whether I better have a dream or not. I could be died tommorrow, or next week.

But I think you can help me. As a human, you have a chance to choose what is the best you can do in order to save the forest. If I were you, I will use that chance. If you don't have that chance, don't worry, you can still help me undirectly by doing these folloeing things:

- Don't use any suit made from Tiger skin.

- Don't buy anyone of us and treat us as a pet. We are a critically endangered species. You are not allowed to have us in your home.

- Don't buy any timber and wood from Sumatran rainforest. I think it is the worst reason why deforestation in Sumatera growing so fast.

- Always support Sumatran Tiger conservation campaign, and be part of it. You can donate your money to support research and efforts in order to save us.

- Be a fan of WWF Forest Friend candidate. Rima and Lena told me that our habitat will be back to green if you become their fans. You can see their blog at, and you can vote them there. I hope they are not lying. They said that for 1 fan gathered, 10 trees will be planted in Sumatera. Although it won't planted in my forest, I'm happy that my friends will enjoy it in another part of the forest.

I think, it won't be too hard for you to do these thing. I know that you can save us. That's why I really need your help. Thank you very much for reading my letter. 


Belang :)


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midori hat geschrieben:
♥ So unbelievable cute! *_____*
Hope we can save Belangs friends, his family and himself! <3


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