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Forest Friend - Summary

von Gerry
71 P

Hello everybody. This will be my last post on this blog.

I want to share with you, that I really enjoyed being a Forrest Friend. I can say that it kinda changed my life. I really appreciated having the chance to communicate with people living in that place, which we always talk about.

I also really liked that everybody of the Forrest Friends did their best. They did not always try to win this kind of "competition". I think they lost, like I did, their view on just winning, we all just wanted to do best for nature, it didnt matter whether we get first or last. And I think that is the key, why we got together so many fans and saved alot of trees in the rainforest.

Forest Friends didn't only saved alot of trees, it also made people pay more attention to the WWF Jugend. I guess most of my facebook friends and schuelervz friends have visited WWF Jugend by now. 

Allthough not everybody of my friends supported me, alot did. And I am not angry at those people who didnt. You have to tolerate that. I enjoyed telling them and my school about it. Since today I am the leading person at school for Environment and Wildlife. I am gonna change everything at school to make it more environment-friendly ;)

I hope all Forest Friends don't lose contact and stay in touch. We have each others facebook accounts. I will miss this! :(



Cheers, Gerrit


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Gerry hat geschrieben:
Danke :)
straetsi hat geschrieben:
echt cooles video gerry!!!
Gerry hat geschrieben:
Ich freue mich schon drauf ! :)
Marcel hat geschrieben:
Danke, Gerry, für euren super Forest Friends Blog!!! Es war wirklich eine geniale Zeit mit euch! Und es geht immer weiter - es gibt schon wieder jede Menge neue Aktionen, die in der WWF Jugend anstehen! ;)
Gerry hat geschrieben:
Fallin Apart von The All American Rejects :)
midori hat geschrieben:
Supii! :o) Wie heißt eigentlich das Lied in Deinem Video?


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